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Henderson Foley Counselling


Henderson Foley Counselling is a counselling practice that specialises in providing counselling to children and adults who have experienced abuse, assault, or other trauma, either recently or in the past. We assist people to work through the difficult feelings and issues that arise from these experiences. We are highly experienced in this area of work, and as we are Medicare accredited providers, a Medicare rebate for counselling is available on referral from your GP.

Central Coast Counselling & Therapy


To assist and support individuals in their development through actualising and drawing upon their potential in order that they progressively function more consciously and effectively. To adopt an approach that engages a constructive and desirable understanding to ensure growth, independence and self-direction. To arrive at an outcome that encompasses a present centered human being who is unified and grounded and has the ability to relate authentically to others.

Coast Counselling


Counselling is a process that focuses on enhancing well-being. The focus of counselling is to explore and strengthen your own resources in dealing with lifes hurdles.

Counselling may address: personal growth, development, self-understanding, particular concerns, decision making, relationships, physical and mental health and support.

Heart Mind Spirit Therapies

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Many people are unhappy or uneasy, stressed or dissatisfied but are unable to put their finger on the cause. Heart Mind Spirit Therapies uses a unique combination of Solution-Oriented Counselling, Hypnotherapy and NLP to rapidly free people from such feelings.

Gnostic Corner

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Gnostic is a term derived from the ancient greek word Gnosis: "Knowledge through personal experience" Gnostic Corner is a unique business community, each business is independently owned and we operate in a co-operative non-competitive manner. Our intention is to provide old-fashioned personalised and friendly service in a relaxing atmosphere. As we live in exciting and challenging times, one of the best ways to build strong communities is by shopping locally. Supporting independently owned businesses allows our area to prosper and keeps the benefits local for us all to enjoy. Each business is a specialist in its field and our staff are willing to share their knowledge. Wander the Gnostic Corner and "Know the experience".

Counselling for young people is available to provide supportive help for many reasons. It can provide understanding in person-centred therapy, a means of facilitating communication where behavioural issues are concerned or support in a family conflict situation. Counselling gives young people a secure, confidential environment where they can express and understand their feelings, thoughts and emotions.

What Counselling Offers Young People
The counselling relationship between a counsellor and child is known as 'joining', and offers the basic principles that apply to counselling relationships built with adults. This supportive service can be offered as a one-to-one session with the child, or in a family situation, which forms part of group counselling.

Counselling young people:
- Helps establish trust and understanding.
- Encourages the young person to tell their story, in a confidential and safe environment.
- Allows the young person to express him/herself, and to explore feelings and thoughts.
- Enables them to make informed choices.
- Helps the young person develop a positive attitude.
- Helps the young person develop and build confidence and self-esteem.

Time to Talk
Counselling does not provide young people with answers and solutions to their problems. What it does offer is an opportunity to explore feelings, thoughts and experiences, and to understand and discuss issues that may be on the young person's mind. Counselling is a supportive relationship built on trust, and is available for a young person to use to enable them to make progress and informed choices. Many young people experience difficulties at home, in school, with their peers and in understanding their feelings and emotions. Making counselling available to this age group provides many benefits for the individuals willing to explore this form of supportive therapy.

Counselling can help young people understand their thoughts, feelings and worries. It can provide an opportunity to discuss concerns they may have regarding their parents' divorce, and allows the young person to talk to someone who is completely impartial. Counsellors can also help children overcome bullying, come to terms with the death of someone they love, build Self Esteem or provide reassurance about other matters.

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Central Coast

Counselling service on the Central Coast for individuals and couples who seek happier lives and relationships. I assist women and men who are challenged by change in their life. Have you moved to a new city or country? Struggle with the loss of your partner, a family member or friend? Do you experience relationship difficulties or do you have to cope with pain or injury related changes in your life? Counselling has made a real difference in many people’s life. You can do this too and regain your strength and confidence in yourself.