Fishing / Central Coast

Renown as a Fisherman's Paradise, the Central Coast offers excellent fishing opportunities that vary from rock and surf fishing along the coastline to inside angling at on one of the many lake, estuary and river systems. You may also want to check out our Central Coast fishing charters.



Lake Munmorah

At the northern end of the Central Coast, Lake Munmorah provides good fishing for bream, tailor and flathead. The prime spot for fishing is the Munmorah Power Station inlet. This can yield a variety of fish including luderick, bream, trevally, long tom and tailor. At the south end of the lake, the entrance to Budgewoi Lake can supply you with a catch of luderick, bream and tarwhine. Make sure you fish light here using minimum weights.

Budgewoi Lake

Bream are the main catch of Budgewoi Lake. A very popular spot is in the north west corner were the power station outlet is located. This is where the heated water is expelled, attracting a whole range of species including bream in big numbers, tailor, luderick, whiting and flathead. To the west of the lake you will find Wallarah Creek, that works particularly well when the lake roughs up, attracting bream and luderick.

Norah Head

Below Norah Head lighthouse are the rock platforms and gutters of Norah Head. This is a perfect venue for the pelagic varieties such as tailor and tuna as well as snapper, groper, rock blackfish and drummer that are attracted to the rocky washes and gutters. To the north along Birdie Beach you will find good surf fishing for tailor. For outside fishing, an ocean boat ramp is located at Cabbage Tree harbour.

Tuggerah Lake

Due to the lack of tidal movement at the central area of the lake, the most productive area's of Tuggerah Lake are the inlets at Chittaway Point where Ourimbah Creek waters enter and the mouth of Wyong River at Tacoma. They produce bream, mullet, luderick and flathead, especially after a heavy rain. To the north, Canton Beach is a good producer of whiting, bream and flathead for the land based angler.

The Entrance

The channel where the Tuggerah Lake system meets the Pacific Ocean is known as The Entrance. Fish from the banks of the mouth for luderick and the odd bream. The channel is also known for its prawn runs. As it is fast flowing, prawning is usually done when the tide is slack or turning, two to three days either side of a new moon. East of The Entrance bridge is a top spot drifting for bream, flathead and whiting. Anglers drifting live baits to the west of Pelican Island stand a chance of landing large flathead that lie in wait for their prey on the edge of the channel. North Entrance beach is a good spot for whiting and tailor during their runs.

Forresters Beach

Tailor and bream are the targets at Forresters Beach. Snapper can be landed, especially after a big swell. The southern end of the beach is an excellent producer of whiting, particularly on the local bait of beach worm.

Wamberal Beach

Wamberal Beach is a good spot or chasing tailor, bream and flathead. Around the rocks at Wamberal Point, works well for rock blackfish, luderick, snapper and bream. The entrance to Wamberal Lagoon attracts large mulloway and tailor awaiting awaiting the flushing of baitfish out to sea.

Ocean Boat Ramps

Cabbage Tree Harbour - Bald Street, Norah Head

Terrigal Haven - Off Terrigal Esplanade, Terrigal