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ArtBrazil Garden Design

East Gosford

Design and documentation aren\\\'t a waste of time and money. They are the basis of understanding. We provide a range of garden design services to suit different projects and budgets:

- Sketches with on site garden design consultation

- Planting plans which include a concept plan preparation with plant selections and detailed descriptions.

- Horticultural consultancy with general maintenance advice.

- Landscape Concept Plan preparing landscape documentation for Council approval, architects, builders, landscape contractors, developers and home owners.

- Garden design in 3D modelling, producing 3D screenshots, movies and walkthroughs to communicate the landscaping ideas. Projects in 3D have the unique ability to capture the vision and specific needs of all clients. 3D design model is an effective tool making sure that everyone is imagining the same thing. It serves to avoid misunderstandings and significant change orders during construction. Understanding produces agreement which allows efficiency which minimizes frustration and cost. We offer 3D design service for architects, builders, landscape contractors, developers and home owners. We can produce your own projects in 3D or create a 3D garden design, saving you significant time.

Our goal is always creating designs that have the ultimate appeal and creativity. 'Often an outdoor living space is neglected because it simply lacks the right elements to entice people to use it.'